Business Consulting.

  • Business Consulting
  • Support for the transfer to Switzerland of foreign companies - relocation
  • Constitution, evaluation, purchase, sale and mergers of companies
  • Selection and management of investors
  • Relationships with financial institutions and insurance companies
  • Participation in strategic and operational management
  • Assistance to companies for logistical support and commercial activities
  • ICT consulting
  • Acquisition and management of IT projects
  • Participation in project committees
  • Preparation and evaluation of specifications, RFI, RFP and offers
  • Technical and legal information Expertise
  • Representation and reselling of software products
  • Staffing and payroll

ICT Consulting.

Real Estate Management

  • Real Estate Management
  • Real Estate promotion and selling
  • Financial, administrative and trust management
  • Appraisals and economic evaluations for real estate transactions
  • Coordination and project management for new construction or renovation
  • Search property on request